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Dried 'Everlasting' Flower Bouquet- Large

A large assortment of our Blooms and Foliage gathered at peak freshness here on the farm.  We have arranged for you to use for craft projects or just to display in a vase and add a bit of Botanical Whimsy in the dark of winter.  They will last many months or even years if treated with care.  We do not treat or spray to extend life or structure so take care as they can shatter and break if handled too much.  


We hope this inspires you to also try drying your Moon Mountain Farm Market (or CSA) fresh bouquets this season.  To enjoy your farm fresh flowers simply remove from the vase and wrap stems with Twine or string leaving a handy little loop to hang from a hook or curtain rod (somewhere out of direct sunlight).  Hang until dry and then display and enjoy for months or years to come.

Dried 'Everlasting' Flower Bouquet- Large

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