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Natural Plant Dyeing- Handkerchief

Natural Plant Dyeing with Avocado Pits and Skins

Duration:  Approx 3 hrs


Join me as we explore a new way of looking at our everyday kitchen scraps and how to extract color from things like avocado skins and pits, onion skins, pomegranate rind and more.   We will learn a bit about terminology as it applies to adhering color to fiber and the science behind it.


Each participant will get to enjoy some light refreshments and a garden walk as we explore other plants to grow in a small garden space and the world of natural plant Dyes; Indigo, Hopi Sunflower, Rudbeckia, Chamomile, Cosmos and more.  


For this class we will be using Avocado pits and skins.  Together or seperately they make a beautiful gradient of blush, peach and pinky tones.  Its always a magical alchemy to witness as we will bulk dye our handkerchiefs into the dye bath and experiment with solid dyeing, tie dye and relief techniques.  Each person will get to take home one of our Dyed Handkerchiefs as well as a Quart sized mason jar filled with some Dye bath and a few pieces of Avocado to continue at home as well as a blank handkerchief, a print out of instructions so you can continue to explore at home.



Tour of the natural plant dye garden

Light refreshments

2 handkerchiefs

Glass mason jar filled with Dye bath


Natural Plant Dyeing- Handkerchief

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