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Our Dahlia collection is over 200 established cultivars and many new additions from our seedling breeding patch and more are getting added every year.  Check back as we continue to add to the online catalog so you can see what we are growing.​

Our thoughts about Dahlia culture, health and management on our farm:  We are committed to improving the health and vitality of our Dahlias.  While testing for Viruses on a large scale is not feasible at this time we are reviewing best practices within the field.  We sanitize snips (for all dahlias and roses) between plants when harvesting and end of year processing.  We monitor the health of each plant and cull when signs of virus present.  We rotate crops and support the native population of beneficials and focus on Brix health so the plants are providing the best possible defense to pest vector disease exposure.  I know we all want to enjoy our flowers and gardens but we will do our best to also be aware of potential contaminants and limit the virus and bacteria transmissions. 

In addition to the above we do our best to source clean stock but even so we plant any new varieties we bring into the farm separate from our plants in hopes of monitoring any new additions for health prior to propagating into our stock.

We hope this does not discourage your enjoyment of these beautiful flowers but rather feel inspired to help protect their lineage in keeping them healthy and happy. 

More info coming soon on what to look for on the common virus and bacteria's most prevalent in the Dahlia community.

Bacterial Infection:  Crown Gall and Leafy Gall

Virus: Dahlia Mosaic Virus, Tobacco Streak Virus, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus, and more

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